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Marble has a clear pattern and clear lines, which makes it a majestic and luxurious natural stone. Marble is ideal for bathrooms, windowsills, fireplace facades, and floor and wall coverings. We offer marble polished and sanded.


Quartz or pressed stone is an industrially produced material. As quartz is a very strong mineral and is not porous, it is scratch and stain-resistant, which makes maintenance easy. The choice of quartz model and color is very wide, and even the most demanding customer will find the most suitable one in its assortment.


Granite is valued for its structure and color. Its pattern is always unique, like other natural stones. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor conditions. We offer granite in polished, sanded, and burnt-brushed finishes. In the case of the latter, the surface remains more embossed but is unique and special.

Ceramics, i.e., industrially produced material, which consists of natural components such as sand, feldspar, clay, and natural pigments. Ceramic is scratch, heat and liquid-resistant and a favorite among interior designers and customers.